Return Policy

According to consumer contracts 2013, You are entitled to ask for a refund of the order within 14 days in its original condition with the packaging. Shipping is your sole responsibility unless the product is faulty. After the faulty item arrives, we will inspect the item thoroughly. If any fault arises on our part, we will issue a full refund of the cost of the product.

Statutory Cancellation

Any items that are not part of the product specification do not have statutory cancellation applied to them. For any upholstered furniture, the statutory cancellation applies. This is only applicable if the items are faulty, missing, or other issues that are not up to the specification.

Assembly of Items

We will only offer a return for items that are not assembled. For any items have assembly done, we do not accept returns. This is because if you assemble the item, we can’t evaluate if the item that you are returning has faults by us or you. If your product has faults whilst assembling, please contact us so that we can provide you with a positive resolution.
That is why we suggest our customers to check all the items before assembling the product. We also recommend them not to throw the packaging. The packaging of the product is necessary for the return.

Our Commitment

We try our level best to deliver you high-quality products without any flaws. Unfortunately, for unforeseen circumstances, if you receive a faulty item, you can contact our support team to resolve your conflict resolution. We will replace the faulty item as soon as possible. Our resolve is to offer you flawless products. So by any chance you receive items that have flaws, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our level best to make sure you get the customer satisfaction you deserve.
To get a clear understanding of how to lessen further inconvenience, Please read our T&C. Our Terms and Condition clearly details on how we operate and how we process everything that is present on the website.

These Steps Are Necessary To Fully Return A Product.

  • The return is applicable within 14 days after receiving the product.
  • Do not assemble the product once you have made up your mind of returning it.
  • The products should be returned in the same condition it arrives to your location. This includes the original packaging as well.
  • The cost for returning the product will be customer prerogative.
  • After 14 days have elapsed, and you still haven’t asked for a return, your option to ask for a return or refund for the
    item will be over.
  • Once you receive the item do take an itinerary, to check that you have received all the items you have paid for.
  • In your initial check, you have found that some parts are missing, please do inform us so that we can offer you an objective resolution to your problem. To attach pictures with your correspondence to show which items are missing. This will help further streamline the process faster.
  • If you by any chance receive a damaged item, The sole responsibility of replacing the item will be ours. All expenses will be by us. Keep in mind that before we deliver items we do check for any structural defects.
  • Any product that has assembly done will not deem for consideration. Please do not assemble if you receive faulty items.
  • For a faulty product, customers will receive a direct refund. Our team will pick up the faulty item as soon as possible.

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