Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 2 Mirrors and 3 Drawers

Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 2 Mirrors and 3 Drawers

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The ambience of our living spaces is significantly shaped by the furniture. A well-designed object not only accomplishes its functional goal but also improves the room’s aesthetics. Such furniture that combines functionality and elegance is best exemplified by the Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 2 Mirrors and 3 Drawers. The minimalist aesthetic and contemporary design work well together. Any room will feel calmer due to its simple lines and uncluttered exterior. The two mirrors on its doors have two uses: they give the impression that the room is bigger, and they also make it easy for you to check your appearance before leaving. The mirrored doors reflect light, giving the space a lighter, more airy appearance.

Optimized Storage

Storage is a wardrobe’s main function, and this one does it exceptionally well. Behind the doors, there are two roomy compartments that give you plenty of room to hang your clothes up properly. Three drawers are included at the bottom of the wardrobe, which adds yet another level of adaptability. The well-considered organization options make sure that your possessions stay neat and easy to find.

Space-Saving Solution

Living spaces are getting smaller, so making the best use of the space you have is essential. This is considered during the design process. The wardrobe is a great option for smaller bedrooms or apartments because it visually expands the space by using mirrors. Its space-saving design is also enhanced by the lack of protruding handles and knobs, which guarantees that it will tuck neatly into any nook in your room.

Functional Design

More than just storage space is provided by the functionality. The doors and drawers’ easy-gliding mechanisms make it simple to access your possessions. The wardrobe is made of strong materials that guarantee its dependability and longevity. It can complement a variety of interior styles due to its versatile design and neutral colour scheme.


Wood Mall


Beech, Black, Front Grey Side Black, Front Grey Side White


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