Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Mirror

Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Mirror

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Furniture becomes essential decor that reflects our preferences, personalities, and way of life in the world of interior design, going beyond simple functional items. A great example of furniture that not only provides storage options but also adds elegance and sophistication to any living space is the Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Mirror.

Contemporary Design and Aesthetic Appeal

It features a cutting-edge style that deftly fuses minimalism with contemporary aesthetics. Its simple design, slick hardware, and smooth surfaces give it a timeless appeal. The wardrobe was expertly made with great attention to detail, and its layout encourages calm and orderliness, making it a perfect complement to a variety of interior designs, from Scandinavian to mid-century modern.

Mirrored Door: An Illusion of Space

The mirror on the door is one of its distinctive features. The strategically positioned mirror enhances the room’s feeling of openness while also serving a practical purpose. As a result of the mirror’s ability to reflect both natural and artificial light, the room appears brighter overall. For smaller rooms or those with little access to natural light, this is especially beneficial.

Optimal Storage Solutions

A well-planned storage solution is concealed behind this elegant facade. This wardrobe provides plenty of room to arrange and store clothing, accessories, and other personal items. It has two spacious compartments, each with shelves and hanging rods. Your possessions can be kept in an orderly and convenient manner due to the interior layout’s efficiency-focused design.


Wood Mall


Beech, Black, Front Grey Side Black, Front Grey Side White


D 50 CM, H 184 CM, W 78 CM


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