Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Mirror and 3 Drawer

Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Mirror and 3 Drawer

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Dimensions of Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Mirror and 3 Drawer (Approx)

  • Option 1: Width 76cm x Height 184cm x Depth 50cm
  • Option 2: Width 60cm x Height 184cm x Depth 50cm
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Your bedroom is your haven; it is where you go to unwind, think, and recharge. It is crucial to pick furniture that exemplifies these qualities if you want to foster harmony and peace in your home. The Zen 2 Door Wardrobe with 1 Mirror and 3 Drawer is an example of a piece that perfectly embodies tranquillity while also being functional.

Simplicity in Design

The elegance of simplicity is demonstrated by it. Clean surfaces, simple lines, and a calming colour scheme are all hallmarks of its minimalist style. This understated elegance is entirely consistent with the tenets of Zen philosophy, which place a strong emphasis on mindfulness, balance, and the present moment. The wardrobe’s lack of overbearing ornamentation enables it to blend in without a hitch with a wide range of interior designs, from contemporary to Scandinavian and everything in between.

Ample Storage

A peaceful mind can be achieved in an uncluttered environment. By providing plenty of storage space, the Zen Wardrobe meets this need. You will find designated areas for hanging clothes, storing necessities, and organizing personal items with two doors and three drawers. The effortless drawer gliding is evidence of the wardrobe’s high caliber manufacturing. This clever storage option aids in keeping your bedroom organized and promotes a sense of order that goes beyond the furniture.

Reflective Beauty

Mirrors have a special way of enlarging rooms and bringing light into them. One of its doors features an integrated full-length mirror. In addition to being functional, this mirror gives the space a sense of depth. When thoughtfully incorporated into the design of your bedroom, it can give the impression that the room is larger, improving the ambience and fostering a more open and welcoming environment.


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